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 when your customers are happy,
                               everybody wins.
  Recent studies have shown that customers who have an excellent experience with the repair process are 95 percent more likely to stay with their current insurer. Rest assured, you can trust DuPont(TM) Performance Alliance(TM) shops to make the collision repair experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible for your policyholders.
Because we understand that when they're happy, you're happy.


DuPontTM Performance AllianceTM Shop Membership Criteria

Legal, Business and Environmental
Performance Alliance shops:
n Have all local and federal licenses and permits.
n Have proof of liability insurance and garage keepers' legal liability insurance or equivalent.
n Demonstrate a concern for the environment by using high transfer-efficient spray equipment and
    gun cleaners and other emission-reducing equipment.
n Have Internet access and a business e-mail address.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction
Performance Alliance shops:
n Offer a lifetime written warranty against defects in workmanship.
n Document ongoing measurement of customer satisfaction.

Training and Qualifications
Performance Alliance shops have:
n The ability to produce computerized, procedure-page P-page logic estimates.
n Proof of recent and ongoing employee technical training and certification programs (i.e., I-CAR,
    ASE, DPC paint training, etc.
n The capability to remove and reinstall suspension, engine and drivetrain, or use a qualified
    sublet provider.
n The capability to diagnose airbags and safety restraints, and to complete OE-specified repairs
    using in-house equipment with certified technicians, or use a qualified sublet provider.
n The ability to weld using a metal inert gas (MIG) welder and have technicians properly trained on
    welding techniques.
n The capability to reclaim, evacuate and recharge vehicle air-conditioning systems using in-house
    equipment and certified technicians, or use a qualified sublet provider.
n The capability to properly inspect a vehicle for teardown.

Shop Equipment
Performance Alliance shops have:
n An on-site source of current structural specifications covering the vehicle structure and wheel
    alignment specifications for the make, model and year of the vehicle being repaired.
n A device capable of measuring in three dimensions (symmetrical or asymmetrical unibody
    structures) for the type of vehicle being repaired and ability to provide written structural
    documentation by computer printout or written explanation.
n A four-point anchoring system capable of holding a vehicle in a stationary position during
    structural body pulls.
n Electric or hydraulic equipment capable of making simultaneous multiple body or structural pulls
    for repairs, as well as evidence of recent technical training or competence on the type of
    equipment being used.
n A pressurized spray booth meeting current federal and local requirements.
n The ability to complete and verify four-wheel alignment through a computer printout, either from an
    in-house alignment system or a qualified sublet provider.

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